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Welcome to Vacanti Yacht Design LLC

Status: (June 2019)

PROLUINES, WINGS and FOIL are all making progress. Expect to release first version of PROLINES 8 (2019) version at the end of this month. We will provide 1 year of free updates as we continue to improve and add features to PROLINES, WINGS and FOIL.

See product pages for new prices on PROLINES, WINGS and FOIL.

We are also bringing back BPLATES (Flat Plate development for PROLINES designs), ABS Construct (Construction Scantlings for Offshore Racing Sailboats ) These are all new WINDOWS 10 program versions with upgrades in behaviors and usability, such as reading new PROLINES 7, 8 (2019) file formats on B-PLATES

The image below was created using PROLINES 2019 STL Export, WINGS 2019 STL Export and MeshMixer by AutoDesk.
3D Rendering of Hull, Keel & Rudder

Today's Specials

Price: Coming in Early 2019
Coming in 2019, a major upgrade to PROLINES 7 Basic and PRO versions. The new PROLINES is written for WINDOWS 10 and contains new 3D Printing and Rendering File capabilities, New high speed image rendering inside of PROLINES, updates, fixes & more
WINGS 2019
Price: Coming in Early 2019
WINGS 2019
All new version of WINGS with STL Rendering and 3D Printing capability. Many new fixes including design edit and CAD file export improvements.
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