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Item Number: eP7PRO
PROLINES is an excellent Windows based 3D NURB surface design and analysis tool for boat, canoe, ship, yacht, work boat design analysis and development. Over 3000 copies of PROLINES have been sold worldwide and thousands of vessels of all types designed and built. Concrete Canoe design by Universities and major canoe and kayak manuifacturers around the world.
  • Immediate Edit Mode - No menu item to select!
  • Real TIme Hull Drag - Select a vertex and move it - watch all hull lines update instantly in all views as you drag!
  • Professional OpenGL Realistic 3D Color Rendering
  • Full NURBS editing functions  - Set local breaks or smooth curves at EACH Vertex location
  • All New Fairing Tools
  •  FAST and easier to use. Fair Vertex Station columns and rows! Fair chines, sheer and fairbody with new easier to read curvature plots.
  • Pop-up Menus in each View Window - Turn view On/Off, set modes and much more!
  • Right-Click Mouse Functions - Numerically edit a vertex point, Set NURB Tension
  • Display Options - Show single vertex net line in station or waterline directions, Show Vertex Numbers - Much easier Power Boat Design
  • Improved CAD functions - Skin thickness deductions in all planes.
  • CAD File Choices - Choose any single view or a complete set of Plan, Profile and Body views in one "3 View" composite!
  • Print to any Windows Printer to a scale you select
Intact Stability Calculations
Provides 18 hydrostatic values versus heel, 10 entry ballast file, printed and text file output of computed results, Full Screen Stability Curve Plot, Angle of Ultimate Positive Stability.
"NURB" Based Hull Surface Design
Allows unlimited hull shape capability. From simple flat plate chined hulls to ultra-complex stepped planning catamaran hulls with tunnel drive. Combine vertical and horizontal chines with curved surfaces. Existing Hull Design Input Use table of offset data entry to PROLINES via a spreadsheet data table, or read in 3D DXF files of hulls digitized with a CAD program, read in GHS hull definition files or use hull marker offset files with 3D markers on screen to allow exact matching of exisiting hull offsets.
"Instant Hull Design"
Enter less than 10 basic hull shape parameters such as length and beam at the waterline and deck and PROLINES will create a generic round, chined or round + chined hull on screen in seconds. Now just modify to suit your needs. Extensive Hydrostatics Calculations - Just select Hydrostatics from the CALC menu and PROLINES produces over 20 calculations ranging from initial stability and coefficients to displacement, wetted surface, total surface, centers of bouyancy and many more.
Extensive Output Capabilities
PROLINES produces specialized files for 2D and 3D CAD as DXF, IGES (NURB) or CADKEY CDL formats as well as GHS and IMS VPP lines data, 3D CAD rendering data, surface mesh data for finitie element analysis, printed table of offsets and text file table of offsets.
Import 3D DXF Files of Appendages
Now import up to 5 appendages and place them in 3D on the hull. These appendages may be keel, rudder, centerboards, masts or even a deck file.
Auto Create a Basic Cambered Deck
Select from the New File menu list to create a deck for an exisitng hull design. Then modify the deck to include cabin etc.
Curvature Curve Fairing 
PROLINES provides curvature curve fairing of all primary curves - fairbody, sheer, bow, stern, chines and stations in all appropriate views - plan, profile or body.
Extensive Hull Editing
PROLINES has over 20 tools to help in the process of hull editing. From automatic vertex alignment to real time changes in stations and waterlines as control vertex points are moved by the mouse.
3D Viewing and Animation
View all hulls, decks and appendages in 3D in all standard views and in arbitrary perspective view and then put the hull in "Movie Mode".
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